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Commercial Water Cleanup Services Can Return Your Ormond Beach Property To Its Pre-loss State

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Cleanup Services Can Return Your Ormond Beach Property To Its Pre-loss State  You need water cleanup services once your business has experienced a water event.

Commercial Water Cleanup Services

You need water cleanup services once your business has experienced a water event. If you do not address the water problem as soon as possible, there is a possibility of mold growth taking place - which can cause health effects. Additionally, quick action can help you to salvage items which are likely to incur additional damage and sometimes become unsalvageable. We're going to cover some of the approaches we use then attending to such situation in Ormond Beach.

Before our SERVPRO can determine the most suitable commercial water cleanup procedures to employ in your Ormond Beach property, there are some safety concerns which we must first address. For instance, we must first turn off the main power and check the electrical system of the building before switching it on again. We also find out if the building has been closed for a long time, if that is the case, then we have to use appropriate personal protective equipment to stay protected from mold damage.

During the cleanup process, our SERVPRO technicians who are experienced in mold cleanup check and clean the ventilating, heating, and the HVAC system. In cases where the HVAC system is flooded with water, we never turn it on since there are chances of mold contamination and the risk of spreading the spores throughout the area. After using disinfectants to clean it and removing the dirty filters, we ascertain it is clean and in some instances, we can use it when removing the excess moisture from the area.

Our SERVPRO technicians remove and discard contaminated drywall and insulation. After cleaning hard surfaces such as countertops, concrete, flooring, metal and wood furniture, we also wipe them using detergents with disinfectant properties to lower chances of future mold growth. By running dehumidifiers and fans, we can speed up the drying process.

SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach is a proven industry leader that offers both commercial and residential restoration services. Call us at (386) 677-9993 to have our highly skilled technicians to return your business to its earlier days.

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Mitigating and Restoring a Home After Flood Damage in Ormond Beach

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Mitigating and Restoring a Home After Flood Damage in Ormond Beach Our SERVPRO technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to help restore water damage from all types of homes.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Techniques to Restore Homes From Flood Damage

Immediately after a disaster, residents in Ormond Beach need to start cleaning up the damage. To prevent damage from spreading and increasing in scope, mitigating the existing situation becomes crucial. Restoration of a home can begin as soon as no new damage can occur.

SERVPRO encourages property owners to call after such events, particularly those involving flood damage. Damages from excessive water standing in your Ormond Beach home can only increase, spread, worsen, and eventually, cost you substantially more. Saving your home might seem impossible or highly unlikely, but we can provide the services needed to help save your property and make it livable again, just “Like it never even happened.”

Our SERVPRO services include everything needed to mitigate and restore a home. We start with removing the water with our water removal services carried out with truck-mounted pumps and hand-operated wands that remove water from tiny spaces and cracks, then carry forward with increasing the air flow in your home to dry the air. This continues while we work, as evaporation from damp materials continually forces the air to hold more water vapor.

Removing materials helps both mitigation and restoration because less moisture remains in the home and the installation of new materials can then occur. Drying out interior spaces of walls once we remove damaged drywall sections helps prevent microbial growth, warping of your home's frame, and helps us increase air flow.

Because many materials contain contaminated water from the flood, damaged materials need proper disposal. SERVPRO technicians always follow IICRC guidelines and these call for adherence to local regulations, especially when contaminated materials are involved.

Flood damage can create severe problems for homeowners in other areas involving belongings and furnishings. To keep the costs of recovering after a flood manageable, our technicians attempt wholeheartedly to restore everything possible. Furniture that contains little upholstery or thinner padding is much easier to save than overstuffed pieces. We discuss such items with our customers and help them decide which ones to save and which ones need replacements. We want those relying on our services to be satisfied with their interactions with us, from start to finish.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach can help you with your flood damage emergency by mitigating the current situation and starting the process of restoration. Contact us at (386) 677-9993 when your Tomoka Estates or Holly Hill home floods. Our services are here for you all day and night, every day of the year.

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SERVPRO Doesn't Use Ordinary Tools To Clean Up Fire Damage In Ormond Beach

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Doesn't Use Ordinary Tools To Clean Up Fire Damage In Ormond Beach Different types of fire damage in Ormond Beach require different cleaning products and methods to prevent further damage from occurring.

SERVPRO Doesn't Use Ordinary Tools To Clean Up After A Fire

Conventional household cleaning supplies are often inefficient or even harmful to fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach and surrounding communities. While they may be used to great effect for the everyday messes, conditions, and circumstances found throughout day-to-day life, these cleaning supplies lack the specificity and strength necessary to eliminate fire and smoke residue from a home. Some chemicals may even react negatively with residues and create harmful substances requiring greater safety precautions to be handled. SERVPRO avoids these problems by developing targeted strategies for fire damage restoration and thoroughly training all technicians in their proper application.

Varied and Specialized Cleaning Solutions
Different types of fire damage in Ormond Beach require different cleaning products and methods to prevent further damage from occurring. Smoke from one fire may be very different on a chemical level from another and may require a wholly different approach. SERVPRO technicians commonly employ tactics such as emulsifying, bleaching, changing pH, and more to eliminate residues, and all of these processes can change from situation to situation. We take care to evaluate every fire thoroughly to determine the best treatment strategy possible.

Thorough Deodorization
Cleaning away all visual indications of fire damage rarely eliminates the distinctive smell of smoke that pervades most homes following a fire. To eliminate smoke and other odors, we employ a comprehensive deodorization process that utilizes residue-free thermal and chemical fogging technology to eliminate odorous particles embedded deep within the walls and floors of your home.

Specialty Treatments
Most cleaning supplies could not hope to remove smoke and ash from items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics without causing severe damage to them. A full closet of clothing alone can require substantial time investment and multiple cleaning methods. SERVPRO trains to handle many of these situations with the care and unique considerations they require and can bring in specialists to handle items like electronics that need even more advanced care.

SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach is ready on a 24/7 basis to respond to calls for help following a fire. Contact us at (386) 677-9993.

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Water Cleanup Services Removes Spills, Overflows, And Flooding From Your Ormond Beach Property

8/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Cleanup Services Removes Spills, Overflows, And Flooding From Your Ormond Beach Property When accidents happen inside your Ormond Beach home, one of the worst kinds involve displaced water.

Water Cleanup Services

When accidents happen inside your Ormond Beach home, one of the worst kinds involve displaced water. Floods carry some of the dirtiest water, but toilets and drain that back up can also inundate your home with pathogens and other contamination. Cleaner water still can cause extensive damages, so acting as quickly as possible significantly helps reduce the amount of restoration your home needs after such an incident.

Protecting your Ormond Beach home from exposure to invasive water happens faster when you use professional water cleanup and removal services. SERVPRO technicians can perform all of the work needed quickly and efficiently. We not only have all of the skills necessary to ensure we do an excellent job for you, but we also have the latest equipment necessary for such work.

Extracting visible water does not finish the job entirely – we must also get the affected belongings and materials within your home dried out. SERVPRO's Green Fleet carries our equipment to your home and is also part of some of the equipment we use in restoring your home. Our largest capacity extraction pump is mounted on one of our trucks. We can also generate our own electricity to run the equipment used in your property when power grids are down temporarily.

Air movers help dry things out efficiently because they keep moisture off surfaces and in the air where our desiccant machines can extract it from the air. Creating higher rates of evaporation also works in drying out saturated materials more rapidly than merely allowing them to dry naturally. While we air out your home's interior, enclosed spaces can continue to retain trapped moisture. We push flexible tubes into small holes made in walls so we can then force warm air through them. The air exits out another small hole and takes the moisture with it. The heated air helps evaporate any water left behind after we drain water through tiny holes drilled into the wall near the floor after we remove the baseboards.

These techniques and others work well for any amount of water your home experiences in a disaster. SERVPRO technicians can help get things back to normal inside your residence and make it all “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO has experience dealing with both large and small emergencies and all categories of water.

Call the professionals at SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach at (386) 677-9993 when you need water cleanup and removal services to protect your home. Disasters happen without warning, so we are always available to help you, every day of the year.

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Persistent Moisture Can Lead to Mold Growth in Your Ormond Beach Residence

8/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Persistent Moisture Can Lead to Mold Growth in Your Ormond Beach Residence Finding mold behind a cabinet or in a corner of your home can be quite disconcerting. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians are Professional in Their Approach of Remediating Mold Damage in Your Home

Flooding situations are a nearly constant threat to the residents of Ormond Beach, even with the steep precautions taken to prevent these disastrous waters from entering homes and properties. Worse still, many homeowners choose cheap and unlicensed assistance to help them clean up the mess after it happens, potentially making matters worse for themselves.

While there are plenty of people who would seek to take advantage of a widespread flood throughout the community, the risk of a scam is smaller scale in what could potentially happen to your home without choosing licensed and accredited professionals to do the work. Often flood damages can quickly turn into mold damages in your Ormond Beach residence due to a lack of adequate restoration work.

It should get stated that scams do exist for communities when they fall victim to flooding or other natural disasters. Con artists seek to prey on those desperate to restore their home. A red flag for this kind of scam would be requesting all or most of the money estimated for the restoration upfront instead of at the completion of the job. SERVPRO, for example, does not ask for the restoration costs upfront from our clients.

Even when they are legitimate enough to do the work, many lack the tools and experience to contend with these damages, allowing for moisture and dampness to persist in areas that they did not or could not check. This persistent moisture can allow mold spores to colonize in as little as three days, which erodes construction materials and poses a continual health risk for the occupants of the house exposed to the colony or its spores. This added development would require professional experience as well, such as our SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians.

Flooding can be a grave situation for your household that you want to restore as quickly as possible. When you add in the possibility of mold or microbial growth from a lack of adequate quality restoration work, you see the importance of choosing professionals to do the job. Give our SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach team of technicians a chance to show you the quality and efficiency of our restoration work. Give us a call anytime at (386) 677-9993.

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Can Return your Ormond Beach Business to Its Days of Glory

8/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage Restoration Can Return your Ormond Beach Business to Its Days of Glory When Your Ormand Beach Business Has Water on the Floors and the Bottles, Call SERVPRO for Fast Water Removal and Restoration

Ormand Beach Shop Owners Trust SERVPRO to Get Their Enterprises Back Open Fast after a Water Emergency

Whether the cause of commercial water damage is the failure of a sump pump or a burst pipe, one this is certain - you are likely to suffer losses during this stressing time. During this time you need a professional restoration service provider to prevent further damage and salvage your valuable items. It all starts by shutting off the source of the water in your Ormond Beach property and assessing the degree of the damage.

When our SERVPRO technicians are addressing commercial water damage incidents in Ormond Beach, we begin by formulating an action plan. In the plan, we outline all the procedures and equipment to use during the restoration process. All water events are not the same, so, we come up with methods which are relevant to the issue at hand. The goal is to ensure your business operates normally again.
We understand there might be affected and unaffected areas in your office or eatery after the water event. Therefore, we set up polyethylene barriers to reduce the potential spread of contaminants from unclean to clean areas. By diminishing the areas needed for drying, we can also cut down on the overall service time. This coordination saves our clients money and possibly stored inventory. For instance, if mold damage has already set in, the spores can quickly move around if the barriers are not in place. When attending to moldy surfaces, we first do the cleaning before disinfecting.
Foam cleaning and pressure washing are some of the processes we use when applying cleaners. Foam cleaning as a process helps us to reduce the quantity of the cleaning agent and makes drying easier. Less water for cleaning means less humidity to deal with. The method also allows the cleaner to dwell on the area long enough to kill the bacteria or mold. A combination of scrubbing and foam cleaning can help in eliminating waterborne contaminants.
Pressure washing is a method that our SERVPRO technicians use to rinse the residual foam on the floors, wall studs, and areas. It is an efficient and fast method which minimizes the amount of water used when rinsing. To collect the residue that settles after the application of this method, we can use HEPA vacuums.
SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach works around the clock to offer storm, mold, fire, and water damage restoration services. Call us at (386) 677-9993 and work with an industry leader in commercial and residential restoration.

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Water Leaks and Detection

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Leaks and Detection Dehumidifiers help "pull" moisture out of the air.

Small or big leaks, they all can be big left unattended!  A leak from a hole that is 1/16" in diameter in a water pipe can pour 822 gallons of water a day into your home causing extensive damage! 

With any leak or spill, it’s the water you can’t see that can cause the most damage. In order to find the materials that are wet SERVPRO of North Daytona / Ormond Beach utilizes several different types of Moisture Meters. There are two main types, pin-type and pin less.  Pin-type Moisture Meters measure the resistance between test pins inserted into a piece of wood/building material and use that reading as a proxy for the object’s absolute moisture level. Pin less Moisture Meters rely on the ability of moisture to inductively distort an electric field created by turning on the meter.    But mainly the moisture meters will tell you when something is wet and how wet, so you can find any hidden wet spots in your home.  While the surface may seem dry, the water you don’t see can contain bacteria, cause mold or rot, and cause other unseen damage that must be mitigated immediately.

At SERVPRO of North Daytona/Ormond Beach we have the tools to find where any water is lurking from a water event and can come out and asses the drying needs of both commercial and residential buildings so we can make it "Like it never even happened." visit us at

Storm Damage Board Up

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Board Up Board-ups help prevent unwanted visitors.

Board-ups are not just for Hurricanes there are many reasons that you may need a board up (fire vandalism drive thru etc.)  Or to use tarp to protect your home.  SERVPRO of North Daytona/Ormond Beach can board-up your home due to fire, wind, vandalism, or even when a car runs into your house Board-ups can secure the property from looting or more vandalism.  Board-ups also can protect your property from more weather-related damage until you can get it fixed.  Most insurance policies require that the Homeowner/Renter protect their property against secondary damage.  This is damage that occurs because a person doesn't take the appropriate actions after the first damage occurs to secure the property.  If they are found to be negligent, the secondary damage might not be covered by insurance. Board-ups are just one service along with our fire, water clean-up and rebuild department that can make it "Like it never even happened." For more information Visit us

Mold Doesn't Have To Be Scary

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Doesn't Have To Be Scary Mold seen around this window

Over the recent years, mold seems to be a word that makes people freak out about.  They make you feel like it is everywhere in your home!  There is no more need to freak out but instead become informed.

Mold is naturally occurring in our environment and as the year’s progress our houses have become better sealed up from outside air.  This reduces air exchange with the outside environment and increases the opportunities for mold to amplify if the environment is warm, wet or humid.

Mold on drywall and wood can be dealt with by removing and replacing the affected material and is a great solution as long as the humidity, water leaks and temperature is corrected.  The most important factor with mold remediation is that the area is contained and that there are air scrubbers that can clean the air and remove airborne mold spores.  If the air scrubbers are not used then the removal will allow the mold spores to become airborne, which can be filtered through an HVAC system all through the house.

Mold on tile and tubs can be treated by store purchased Mold Stain removers.  This is only for a small area and these removers should not be used on wood/drywall.

If you watch DIY shows they make you feel like mold is everywhere and out of control!  We hope that a little information goes a long way to calm your mold fears!

SERVPRO of North Daytona/Ormond Beach is a Florida licensed mold remediation company that can help you with your mold issue, for more information visit us at

Deciding To Restore Or Replace Flood Damaged Items In National Gardens Properties

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Deciding To Restore Or Replace Flood Damaged Items In National Gardens Properties SERVPRO technicians examine the more porous materials inside a home to determine the extent of flood damage.

Deciding To Restore Or Replace Flood Damaged Items

Weather that brings flooding conditions to National Gardens soaks everything in local homes and businesses at one time, leaving very few things unaffected. Even smooth, non-porous items require thorough cleaning with germ-killing agents to make them safe again for occupants to use.

SERVPRO technicians examine the more porous materials inside a National Gardens home to determine the extent of flood damage. Some materials, like carpeting, become so damaged and full of harmful pathogens and chemicals that restoration becomes impossible to do and achieve sanitary conditions. We do not need to pretest materials in these situations to know that we cannot recover such heavily damaged items.

In cases involving such destruction of materials, insurance adjusters often approve payment only for the removal and replacement. Because restorative efforts of any kind cannot bring such horrifically damaged items back to usable, safe condition once again, such efforts only waste resources that SERVPRO puts to better use elsewhere. Because of this, we do not dry out carpets before we remove them from a home with flood damage. Small rugs that can we can immerse in biocidal agents and soak for a while often come out looking much as they did before the flooding event.

During a flood, many items do not become damaged and only need protective measures to keep them from sustaining breakage or soiling during mitigation work. We do our best to protect these items but often recommend homeowners remove them from the premises to ensure their safekeeping.

At times, we need to do more extensive testing, or even partial restoration work to fully determine if we can fully restore specific materials or objects in the home. When we determine, after carrying out some restorative work, that the item's future does not look as promising as we initially expected, we discuss this change in plans with the customer.

Other items fall in the category of indeterminable, and we hold these for inspection and final decision making for the insurance adjuster. Cleaning objects that the adjuster deems unsafe for future use can increase your expenses when the insurance denies either cleaning costs or replacement charges.

Restoring your home to a habitable condition and making it “Like it never even happened.” so your family can return home safely means a lot to us at SERVPRO of North Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach. Call us at (386) 677-9993 when flood damage makes your home impossible to live in because of safety issues. We are always ready to assist you.

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