Recent Before & After Photos

Beach Street Store in Daytona Beach, FL

This two story building was built in 1929 and suffered from a broken pipe on the 2nd story. Unfortunately this caused a major leak onto the 1st floor showroom w... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Ormond Beach, FL

This was grease fire damage in Ormond Beach, FL. SERVPRO Daytona Beach was called in because here we are the leading professionals on fire and soot damage resto... READ MORE

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Holly Hill, FL

Dryer Vents - The unseen danger looming in your home.  Dryer vents are something most people don't think of too often and something that are often looked ... READ MORE

Mold on construction site - Ormond Beach, FL

This is an apartment complex under construction. Material got wet from the weather and we were called in to clean before drywall was installed. Untreated expose... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning/ Paint and Stains - Ormond Beach, FL

Spilled paint is never fun. Above shows a restaurant that had an accidental paint spill and called us immediately to clean up the spill. SERVPRO Daytona Beach r... READ MORE

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Holly Hill, FL

Dryer vent cleaning: After years of not being serviced dryer vents become clogged adding to dry time for laundry. Resulting in reduced dryer life and increased ... READ MORE


Collapsed ceiling from overhead fire sprinkler line bursting, resulting in water damage to several rooms. At SERVPRO Daytona Beach we are the clean up experts. ... READ MORE

Water damage in Living Room

Even steel braided supply lines can fail, in this case, the original installer overworked the fitting, and given a little time, it failed. The resulting water d... READ MORE